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HR Business Weekly is a 30-minute show produced by WVEC ABC 13 and our partner, Regent University, that serves as a resource and voice for entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses in the region.

Our intent is to put a larger spotlight on the business community's and individual company's efforts to make entrepreneurship and small business a strong fourth leg of our regional economy. 

Join us Sunday mornings at 9am! 


The Hosts Of Our Show


Hi everyone!  My name is Cheryl Tan and I'm one of the hosts for HR Business Weekly.  I am a TV news journalist turned entrepreneur.  I made the leap to business in June 2014 and my company, Tan Media LLC, offers step-by-step media & marketing strategies for entrepreneurs. 


I am a mom of three boys, so you'll often find me at the football field, the basketball court or the swimming pool, cheering them on.  I love how entrepreneurship gives me the opportunity to work with amazing businessmen and women as well as the flexibility to pick the kids up at the bus stop after school.  We have lived in Virginia Beach for 12 years and we absolutely love it here!


Make an effort to create real relationships.  In business, relationships equal revenue.


I am an entrepreneur, author and television/internet personality who has over two decades of business experience in starting, investing, advising, mentoring and growing over six hundred companies or projects who have made millions of dollars, been publicly traded, hustled to six figures of annual revenues or failed and realized business isn't for them. 


The one thing I tell everyone is start small, test your ideas how without spending money and see if you can sell it or garner interest. Many think all you have to do is build it and they will come and lose a ton of money and time. If you start small and see what works you can then grow into the next phase. 


If you want something, raise your hand and go after it. #hustlecity


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