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3 Steps to Create a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

[fa icon="calendar"] March 11, 2016 at 9:30 AM / by Melissa Stephenson

Imagine being a part of the many hours your customers spend on social media.  Between Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube (and those are just a few of the most popular), there are endless opportunities to put your business in front of an audience.

Just look at the numbers, Demand Metric finds Content marketing generates 3 times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing, but costs 62% less.” Social media is one area where any business, big or small, can thrive with the right campaign. According to HubSpot social media also has a “100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing.”

First things first, build your social media accounts. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ are three great places to start, but depending on the exact demographics you want to reach, there are many other viable options. To begin, you’ll want to put any information customers may need to understand your business and product on your sites. Keep in mind that overwhelming potential customers with too much information may turn them away, so stick to the basics. Adding visuals is also very important on social media, because it grabs the viewers’ attention better than text. Showing, not telling is a good rule of thumb.

Now that you’ve got your sites up and running here’s three steps to help them become a success.

  • Distinguish your goals-
    1. Look at successful social media marketing campaigns in your market for answers. What appears to work well? What doesn’t? Research- many reputable thought leaders have information on how to gain followers and reach customers on their sites.
    2. What makes you different? How you can cater online marketing tactics to best fit your brand?
    3. Decide who you want to reach and what they would benefit from liking, following, or subscribing to your page?
    4. Set realistic goals on what you want to get out of being on social media. Always be prepared to reevaluate these goals and to react to results both positive and negative.
  • Create your strategy- Your content will drive followers, page views, and leads so a plan needs to be put in place before content goes out. This step will be widely driven by your goals.
    1. Establish a calendar to be sure content is shared consistently, but not too often. This strategy needs to be realistic, with parameters set to be sure you stick to the plan. Try starting with one or two posts a week to start off with.
    2. With the right strategy, your social media campaign can cater to any stage your business may be in. Some questions to ask yourself include, what type of content will you produce/share? How will you promote your sites? How will you target the audience you set in your goals? And how will you track your social media presence?
    3. Apps are your best friends! Several apps that aid in publishing on social media include Buffer, Sprout Social, Social Bro, and HootSuite.
  • sess your social media accounts-
    1. See what people are/aren’t responding to. Who is following your pages/sharing your content?
    2. Once you’re reaching the right audience, you’ll quickly be able to see what content is popular. You’ll also be able to see who is following your sites, if you want to gain views and acceptance from a demographic group that may not be following you widely already, try some new content that is geared towards that group.
    3. Once your sites are generating leads and gaining viewership, try adding aspects such as video if you have the time/means to do so. Once again, posting 10x per day isn’t a good approach, but being consistent with at least a few posts/week is important.
    4. Sharing other thought leaders’ content can inspire your viewers as well, so not all the content you share has to be original pieces.
    5. Stay engaged. If someone shares or comments on your posts, be sure to thank them or answer their questions. Continued engagement can lead to brand loyalty.

This is a very broad plan to create your social media marketing campaign and it should change as your product and business does.

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Melissa Stephenson

Written by Melissa Stephenson

I'm a Virginia Commonwealth University graduate, originally from Fairfax, Va (Go Redskins!). I'm also an Account Manager at WVEC ABC13 and I love the Hampton Roads area!

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