Who We Were

We were great at providing clients advertising campaigns through our Broadcast station, WVEC ABC 13 and the station’s website 13NewsNow.com.  

Who We Are Today

HamptonRoadsMarketingNow.com was created as a resource for business owners and marketers, both in the local area as well as nationwide.  We are powered by TEGNA Media, including local TV station WVEC-ABC 13 ,13NewsNow.Com, G/O Digital and the Audience Marketplace. Strategically combining decades of marketing experience with new and innovative digital products, we are able to develop campaigns that drive results. 

Hampton Roads Marketing Now

This site is your opportunity to get a brief overview of our capabilities, and we welcome the chance to speak with you directly to further discuss concepts and ideas to help your business. Our team provides exceptional customer service and our purpose is to help you reach your marketing goals. The wide portfolio of resources allow us to effectively support any size organization, and help to make our clients feel like we are “marketing partners” more than a client/business relationship.

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How Are We Different?

Businesses expect a return on investment. We understand that. Time and money are essential to any business owner, which is why our goal is to develop effective and proficient campaigns that help you reach your goals and experience the best return on your investment. 

No longer are the days where businesses invest a substantial amount of money into their marketing efforts and step back with fingers crossed hoping to yield success.  We want to operate with transparency for you.

We want to work closely with you to develop a realistic strategy, set goals, and optimize your campaign throughout the lifespan to ensure we are reaching the highest level of success for your business.

There are many products and options to consider for marketing solutions, and it can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in and help you feel comfortable with your strategy. We want you and your business members to understand how the components of the campaign can help your organization succeed in the goals we’ve determined.

We foster an environment where our team works closely with yours to ensure we are uncovering every opportunity possible. It’s also important that you understand the mechanics of your campaign and ensure all parties are being held accountable for optimum results.

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